Thursday, March 11, 2010

omg it's been so long!

do you think i should still blog? and my blog looks nicer too? pm me! (since the stupid haloscan starts charging for their service @^$%!$##$)

Monday, December 14, 2009

my hands are a bit itchy

i feel like making a nice post actually. hands itchy a bit for a post.

but it's only a bit. i'm still too lazy to write a proper post. i think soon this space will be as good as a cemetery - dead. but oh shit even cemetery has newcomers sometimes. my blog has like nothing new. argh!

anyway, if you don't already know, i'm a graduate. =D

Thursday, December 03, 2009

blogging seems so unfarmiliar already

now when i go out i dont even think about taking pictures to blog about.

and i cant even remember the last post i did.

maybe i should close this down eh? haha

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the end of uni

at this time tomorrow, i'll be done with my exams. really, i haven't been studying a lot for it but i don't think i'll fail it again. no matter how much i get, as long as it is over 50%, the job will be done. it doesnt affect my honors score in any way and so really, i just need to pass it. (which means getting 32% out of the 80% paper tomorrow)

having done with uni, i might also feel kinda lost at this time tomorrow, just like how i felt TOTALLY LOST when i finished my O levels. it was like, 'ok, no more exams, so what do i do now?'

but then again it's a bit different this time round. during my O's i started studying everyday for maybe i think, two months? and i get to go home everyday, met up with the same group of friends all the time, seeing the same stuff every single day. in short, i was in the same environment.

but as i finish my degree, i'm also leaving melbourne for good. i have just a little bit over a month to enjoy what melbourne has that singapore/malaysia dont. things such as (mostly) friendly people all over the place, patient drivers who give way to pedestrians and other cars, and simply, just the view of countless ang mos on the streets.

it's a bit funny how i am able to say 'can't wait to go back to msia' but also wanting to stay in melbourne a bit longer at the same time. i dont know what you call that. but that's really how i'm feeling these days.

university will be history in just under 24 hours. i've enjoyed my last days of going to school and now i should enjoy the fact that i have to study for an exam. afterall, everyone who is working do say that studying was enjoyable. again, i'm not sure why but i can understand that. and i'm going to enjoy this last 24 hours...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Monday, November 16, 2009


last week i started going around telling people there's virtually no way that i can get honours because i have to score like 90 for all 4 subjects this semester, and 2 of it are already assessed (and i dont think i got anywhere as near as 90 for either).

well, I CALCULATED WRONGLY. *smack head*

while showering just now i (dont know why but i) thought about it again. realised there was a mistake and right after showering i calculated again.

the mistake i made during my first calculation is the fact that the major project has a credit point of 25! not the normal 12.5. alamak anyway, so basically for the 4 results that are released this semester, i have to score an average of 73!

that is a realistic target because of the two assessed subjects:
  1. even though my project wasnt really good, i honestly think that i can get a h2b for it
  2. i think i did quite badly for advanced materials but maybe still around a 60?
and so for the two commerce subjects, as long as i get a H1, it should be enough rite?! actually it's kinda hard to get a h1 for both but erm, it's not like impossible right?

based on the assumption that i get 73 for major project, and 60 for advanced materials, i have to score 78 and 79 for the two commerce subjects.

actually my highest mark throughout my uni is 76 currently. now i just had to work extra hard tomorrow studying for the tuesday paper, and study extra hard for the wednesday paper after the tuesday paper, and do well on wednesday, and then just pass my third paper*, and hope that my assumptions are either right or underestimated,


that's tempting, i'm too exicited to sleep already. i know most people will ask me to go study right away, but i really want to sleep, to adjust my body clock. it's been well. i cant really let this excitement get the better of me. if i go to the exams sleepy, i might just fail and well, cant even graduate. =s

*honours score are calculated based on the score on the first completed attempt on a subject. my third paper is the subject i failed last year, and so this is my second attempt on it. that's why i just have to pass it. =D


Saturday, November 14, 2009

things that i can do while finding a job

so if everything goes well, i'll be graduating at the end of this year.

and the time for me to find a job will come.

even though i plan to apply to SIA, there is a feeling inside me that is growing. the more i think about it, the more i think i wont even get called up for the initial interview. too bad if they really wanna judge me by my results.

recently, on an episode of kangxi, 'yan yan' (from the girlband sweety) spoke some french and it sounded super sexy la. maybe i can pick up a short course next year before i find a job. sounds good?

anyway i'll be flying back after xmas. decided to spend xmas with the melb friends for the first and last time and see what really go on during boxing day sales. exact date to be comfirmed, cause i havent change my ticket yet. let's hope that i wont have to wait until next year to go back!